The Chris Game 2015


If you’ve been to see us on the right nights this year, you’ll know we’ve been playing a game with our friend, Chris.

Chris first came to see us three years ago, when we were but a fledgling band and has seen us more than most people.  It’s estimated that he’s been to more gigs during this period than some members of the band.

At the start of the year, a conversation between him and Ed saw the beginnings of what was to become a challenging period in the band’s history.  This was the start of The Chris Game.

The basic rules were as follows:

  1. If Chris turns up to a gig during 2015, we have to play a song he’s not heard us play before.
  2. That’s it, just the one rule.

The problems were that Chris wouldn’t, generally, warn us when he was coming to see us and during 2015 we found little time to rehearse.

As a result we had a couple of options – pull out songs we hadn’t played since we first got together, or try jamming something, both in the hope that something vaguely musical would ensue.

With 2015 now well and truly over, we can confirm that we won.  Chris is beaten.

For the sake of history, here’s a list of all the songs we played new (to Chris) this year.  We present, for your delectation, The Chris Songs!

All About The Bass
The Joker
Dancing In The Dark
Summer Of 69
Pretty Flamingo
Meet Me On The Corner
Daydream Believer
Leaving On A Jet Plane
Down Under
Hey Jude
I Wanna Be Like You
Country Roads / The Gambler medley
Skiffle Medley
I Saw Her Standing There
Bad Moon Rising
Minnie The Moocher
Angel Of Harlem
Whole Of The Moon
Three Little Birds
Cum On Feel The Noize
I Will Survive
Squeeze Box
The Leaving  Of Liverpool
Oh Boy

And finally, My Girl.

29 songs played with little to no rehearsal, just to satisfy the cravings of a madman.

Some of these songs have stuck in the set, some pop up from time to time and one or two have never been heard since (for obvious reasons, if you were there on the nights they were played!).  It’s certainly boosted our repertoire.

The game is now, however, over.  We will not be continuing it into 2016 (or any variation thereof) as it became too stressful and made us want to punch Chris on sight.  This isn’t a great state of being for 3 weakling pacifists.

We’re taking most of January off, so our next gig will be Sunday 31 Jan at The New Inn, Newport.

Happy New Year everyone and we hope to see you at a gig soon.

But not you, Chris.

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