The Great Southern Jaunt Part 1 – This Weekend.


That’s right, it’s time for Lost The Plot to hit Sussex.

On Friday we’ll be travelling from Shropshire down to a land that Paul and Ed have only read about in books – The South.

Our first stop is at The Cliff Inn in Peacehaven, East Sussex. The pub was recently bought (and renamed from The White Schooner) by one of Si’s friends from his college days, Dani King. The pub opens officially on Thursday, with Friday being the big party night. If you already follow the band, you know what to expect. If you’re reading this ahead of Friday’s festivities… be prepared for some stupid. Come along with silly hats and bring rubber ducks to use as ammo.

Once our hangovers are gone in the morning, we’ll be heading over to Worthing to eat bacon sandwiches cooked by Si’s Mum (plenty of HP on mine please Mum!) before preparing for the evening gig at The Smugglers’ Return in Ham Road. This gig will now be starting at 8:02 PM so that we can finish before the football starts (we don’t want people throwing glasses at us because we’re in the way of the screen).

There are treats and surprises in store and we guarantee that Worthing and Peacehaven have seen nothing like this before. We may even play some songs from the Hit Parade.

Well, we’ll certainly hit one another at various points through the evening.

Invite everyone you know. This is our only trip to Sussex this year.

Miss it or miss out.

Yes, I know what I said. I stand by my comment.

More details are available by following the links to the Facebook events:

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