Aberystwyth In The Rain

Back to Aber for the weekend? No problem.

The Crowd
The Crowd

“The Uni students are being evacuated from the town ahead of the expected storms this weekend” read Ed’s text. Oh dear. Rummers is normally full of students out for a noisy Friday and/or Saturday night.

The Landlord was optimistic. “The building’s been here for 350 years – it’ll be no problem!”

With this in mind we headed West on Friday evening, the weather improving the further we got from Telford. The pub was quiet when we arrived, but then it normally is, most people starting to turn up while we set up. By the time we started at 10, we had a good sized crowd and it built as the evening developed.


After what was a bloomin’ long set (Ed just keeps managing to think of other songs to go into!), a crowd of students promised to return the following evening to see us again.

They were as good as their word and many more joined them. It seems the much publicised evacuations didn’t do much to keep them away from town. All day Saturday the wind blew and the rain came. The river, which runs right next to the pub, was higher than we’ve seen it, causing the road into the car park to flood somewhat and the wind was wailing between the masts of the boats moored across the river, but still they came.

Where's Wally?
Where’s Wally?

We’ve had some great times at Rummers, but this was probably our favourite so far. The crowd were right in our faces all night and refused to let us go when we said we’d finished our set. It took us 36 encores to quieten them down enough for us to leave.

It probably didn’t cause us any harm that Wales had won their first match of the 6 Nations earlier that day, so we dedicated Delilah to the team and a near riot developed – I’ve no idea whether Ed actually sang the song as the crowd were too loud to hear him over.

The journey back to the bungalow in which we stay was an interesting one. It seems the storm picked up while we were playing. The flood outside the car park had gone, but the road up the coast through Borth was covered in beach, making our trip home rather hazardous. By the time we arrived home we desperately needed a couple of beers to calm our frazzled nerves.

Serious Face
Serious Face

What a way to finish our early 2014 run of gigs. We’re taking a month off to catch our collective breath and try a few new songs and we’ll be back at the start of March for a return to Forton Cricket Club. More details will follow soon.

Have a great February and we’ll see you soon.

The Plot.

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