Shrewsbury Again.

This week we played at another new venue for us, the Boar’s Head in Belle Vue, Shrewsbury. It’s always a little daunting playing at a venue for the first time – you never know whether people will get what you’re doing. This was the first of two new venues within a week and so far it’s one for one.

A small pub, there were a number of locals sitting quietly as we arrived, waiting to see whether we were any good. A corner of the bar, just next to where we were setting up, had been cordoned off. It turned out that a Hen Party were partying here tonight…

What an evening. I won’t go into details, but Clatter won’t be sitting down for a while.

On which subject, he’s in hospital this week to have the damage caused in Aberystwyth repaired. Scruffy, Caroline, all the ducks, Edcase, WeeMann, Toby and, especially, Hugo wish you all the best mate.

This Friday we’re headed north to Molloy’s in Bury for the first time. If you’re in the area, pop along and see what all the stupidity is about.

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