Snow was the theme of the weekend. It started coming down heavily on Friday, meaning that our second visit to Wem’s USC was fairly bereft of people. Fortunately this always means we can make our performance that much more personal and the few hardy travellers who came along made a great audience. We used the opportunity to bring out Scratchy, our new washboard for a few new songs. We’ll be trying this out over the coming few gigs, but it seems like a keeper.

The build up to the gig itself was fun for us for another reason. Before the band plays, they hold a pub quiz. We agreed that we were good at quizzes as long as we knew the answers, so we decided to see if we knew any…

As it happens, we did. We were doing well right up until the final round, with two or three other teams close to us on points – it was all down to the final round…

The subject…?


WeeMann proved his encyclopaedic knowledge of the subject, even gaining bonus points in a tie break question. We won, although it was a close battle.

Woo Hoo!
Woo Hoo!

On Sunday afternoon we received a call from Sam, landlord of The Wrekin Inn, to see if we wanted to cancel, as the snow was likely to keep people away. Our attitude was that we may as well come along and if no-one turned up, we’d just have a rehearsal. We needn’t have worried, a good crowd turned up and we tried a completely ad-hoc set, randomizing the song order and pulling out songs we don’t play too often, giving members of the audience “Good” Bad” and “OK” cards, with which to rate our performances. I doubt there’s any need to detail which card got used most, although none of us remembers creating the ones that said “Sh*t” and “Crap.”

The Band and Scratchy
The Band and Scratchy

Of all the gigs we’ve played, this crowd most got into the whole duck throwing thing. The air above our heads was like a sea of yellow for most of the afternoon, with certain people being too good a shot for our liking…

A final word goes out to the ducknappers:

We Will Hunt You Down
We Will Hunt You Down

This Friday we’re back to Shrewsbury’s Old Post Office before a weekend break for Easter.

See you on the other side!

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