A Couple of New Venues and a Fundraiser

Things seem to be sweeping along quite successfully at the moment.  Last Friday was our first gig at The Telegraph in the Castlefields area of Shrewsbury.  Originally billed as a Tap The Keg gig, following their sad demise we took it over.  A large number of the crowd were in for a retirement party, so the sense of fun was high and the addition of 2 beavers, a new dog and Tweetie Pie (along with several new rubber ducks) to our repertoire ensured a great night, with bookings for next year assured.  We’re back there in a few weeks on Sunday 2nd December.

Sunday night felt a little odd.  It was our first outing to The Malthouse in Ironbridge. The pub is well known for Friday and Saturday night gigs, but Sundays tend to be reserved for new bands so the pub can gauge them before they put them into a busier slot.  As such, Sundays tend to be quite quiet and our gig was no exception.  Four of our friends, two couples enjoying a drink and a party of half a dozen having a meal to celebrate a birthday.  This was going to be a tough night…

As it turned out, we had no reason to be worried, the audience responded brilliantly to us, getting into the idea of throwing things at us in order to knock soft toys off our heads while we played.  Well, off Ed’s head at least – they ignored Paul & Si, and Ed received about a plateful of chips before the beaver took a dive.  Even better, though, was the fact that they have asked us to return half a dozen times throughout 2013 and even play for their staff Christmas party.  A successful evening’s entertainment.


Tomorrow we’re performing as a four piece for the first time, with our good friend, Sir Simon Prattle, on keyboards.  He’ll be joining us from time to time for special gigs, this one being a fundraising event for Newport’s Burton Borough School.  The evening kicks off with the school’s big band and a curry meal, before we head onstage.  I’d plug it further, but the event is already a sellout, so I’ll leave it there and report back next week.

Next week we have a well earned weekend off before we start our Non-Festive International Xmas Tour at the Bell & Talbot in Bridgnorth on Nov 24th.  See you there and don’t forget to bring your rubber ducks.  I was going to explain that they are to be thrown at Ed, but he doesn’t like that idea, so we’ll keep it to ourselves…

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